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What are the basic skills which makes you employable?

Interpersonal Skills :-

Interpersonal skills allow us to interact with other people both personally and professionally. This determines your participation, customer satisfaction, taking responsibility negotiation and in decision making. It is also the fundamental for rapport building as well.  

Communication skills :-

Communication skill consists of both verbal and writing skills. A good employment needs the skills like, maintaining good eye contact, writing clearly and succinctly, demonstrating a varied vocabulary and to tailor your language to your audience. It also saves you from misunderstanding. As your career progresses, the importance of communication skills increases as well as creativity, people skills, and an aptitude for teamwork, the ability to speak and write with clarity and conciseness is essential for managers.

Critical Thinking Skills :-

The ability to solve problems and make decisions can be a huge asset to your career, in otherwise it is the critical thinking. Decision making and problem solving require gathering reliable information, evaluating the information for a variety of solutions and selecting the most appropriate option based on the criteria and situation. Although the ability to solve problems and make appropriate decisions is critical in any job, people with these skills are especially helpful in customer service positions.

Personality development :-

The fundamental for a personality is all about having the right attitude towards work and the organization you work for. Employers look for people who are keen to develop and learn. The employees prefer people who are adaptable, flexible, and patient, and respond how well to change.  Personal development is also concerned with how individuals evolve their working practices and attitudes to work.  Self-motivation and confidence are key areas of personal development as personal appearance and how others perceive you.  Self-management skills, also known as ‘self-control’, are the skills we use to manage our personal feelings and how we react to challenges and problems both at work and in our private life’s

Presentation Skills

Conveying our thoughts to others in a common platform, that’s what presentation skill, is all about. It is a common modern day business requirement.  This helps to convey the ideas, reports, research findings, business plans, scenario planning, risk assessments and strategic documents. You may well be asked to give a presentation as part of your initial interview.


Leadership is the ability to influence others toward the achievement of a goal. This includes the basic qualities like strong self-confidence, being team players, achieving the best results, respecting the thoughts, opinions and ideas of others. This is considered as the first preferred matrix for promotions in your career.

Numeracy (Number Skills)

Numeracy involves an understanding of numerical data, statistics and graphs and also part of making decisions and reasoning. This helps to find the profitability, purchasing, supply chain and to understand evaluate the data available with the organization.  And it also lays the plat form for the budgeting as well.

IT Skills

Using technology as a tool to track things and to work professionally, this is possible only through mastering the IT skills. Computer literacy means understanding what computers can and cannot do. Even if you know that you will not use a computer in your job, it is well worth while learning some of the basics of information technology, for example how to send and receive emails, use the internet effectively, and use word processor and spreadsheet software etc.

Personal Motivation

motivating self  plays a major role in getting things done and to get out the better resultsfrom us.potitive attitude can be derived only through the art of self motivation

Organization and Time Management

tracking the time wastages and to utlise the available time in a planned and professional way, this is time manegent  for you. we train on how to manage the time properly and thus to get better results


pucuality , working wioth out frustration and doing our work even though nobody is watching or monitoring us, this is what these subjects teach. this has become a core requirement of a modern day organisation. this develop leaders with in the team

Resume writing as an art

How to write a good CV?

Think that you are a recruiter and what will you expect from an employee. Your resume should reflect it.

Make it professional, believable and simple

CV may not get a job but it should at least get an interview call for the must do contents

  • Contact details on top
  • Start with a personal statement
  • Include your skills, education and experience
  • Avoid participations and mentioned the achieved things
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • References.

Things to be avoided

  • Hobbies and interests; unless it’s relevant
  • Gaps in your career or education history
  • Don’t lie
  • Don’t make it too long
  • Don’t let your e mail id look unprofessional.

Covering letters

The Introductory Paragraph

This needs to strike the right note to introduce you in a way that fits the job, the company and you. It depends on the job and the sector.

The Main Section

The main section of your covering letter should be structured around the job description and person specification. You should describe what you have done and the skills that make you suitable for the job.

The Closing Paragraph

This needs to wrap up your letter or statement neatly and make clear what action the reader will be taking as a result of reading it, but without sounding arrogant.

The interview skills

  • Doing a R&D about the Organization
  • Do an internet research and try to get maximum information about the company
  • Also create a check list of probable question they can ask and the domain they deal with.

Expressing about yourself

You should have a clear idea about your profile, your skills and your achievements how successful were you in your tasks etc.

Tests and presentation

Interviews may need some presentations so prepare nutshell content for the same; similarly there can be tests to check your logic as well preparation needed.

The must dos for interview

  • Maintain the timing, not let others wait for you
  • Dress professionally and appropriately
  • Act according to the situation and read the situations
  • Smile
  • Be relax
  • Maintain an eye to eye contact
  • Answer the questions
  • Use examples
  • To be avoided
  • Don’t give over information’s or irrelevant information’s
  • Fear
  • Nutshell
  • Thank the interview panel
  • Don’t ask for the feedback or status. If you have done well you will get it, or it has given you a new experience.

30 hours to fame

a unique designed program which teaches the students on all they need to survive in an industry and to become a competitive product in the job market. its covers the following topics and  it’s a must for any quality job aspirant.

Rapport building/verbal communication/voice over communication/team building/ problem solving/conflict management/stress management/ report writing/client handling/culture/ call handling/interview/ e mail writing/ business communication

Faculty development program

Recommended faculties (people below the age group of 35 and have at least 5 years experience in teaching)

Nutshell of the training

  • how to make the students an industry oriented/industry requirement products
  • hindrances for  professionalism
  • what the student expects from the college /faculty
  • the technological world
  • what makes the class room an interesting place

Apart from this there will be practical session on

  • Time Management 
  • What an Organisation Expectes from them
  • KAIZEN – What an IDEA
  • Let’s overcome the gap between reality and the things in books

This will be done as a 2 day work shop. A detailed report will be sent to the management after that. The idea is to identify few leaders among the team of faculties and to derive success through them part from this we also have

  • Customized programs
  • General topics.