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General Training:- 

This is a customized entertaining session which will be useful for the students of all age groups. The education they get is what they have as an asset throughout their life. This training makes them more focused towards what they do, and also will develop the leadership skills with in them. It’s designed it in a way that the students who undergo the same will fell it very informative and interesting. Also this will give an idea to the students on how does a training program works

The major area of focus will be ……

Package1- General training (which covers)

  • Examination- fear and facts
  • Problem based learning
  • Focused and concentrated learning
  • Discipline.

Plan your future:- 

What next?? This is a question which everyone asks themselves or to others at regular intervals. If you have to answer this question correctly then you should start planning for the same before the question arises. This training equips them to plan their future in a better way. This helps them to find the areas where they are strong and the areas they have to focus more. This will create a platform for the students to think and plan their future with more confidence.

The major area of focus will be ……

Package 2 -Plan your future (which covers)

  • Body language
  • Public Speaking as an art
  • Time Management
  • Social responsibilities and awareness
  • Life style deceases