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Are you an entrepreneur or a boss who wish to know the exact status of where you stand in your business?????????– We can tell you the answer

Aadhi foundation through its subject matter experts, consult and guide the organizations to become leak free and to march towards a better growth. This is done as a project. This is more and or less a complete consulting on the total organization. The experts will check each and every aspect and the processes in the organization and shall guide and execute the needed changes which will lead the organization to the goals to be reached. This is done in a unique and customized way where there will not be any disturbance on their current job.

The major areas of focus are

  • Human recourse- policies and procedures (even recruitment)
  • Accounts and finance- audit and risk management
  • Technology- which can be adopted and the audit on the existing systems used (erp/crm/sap)
  • Process flow- creating new and fine tuning the existing processes
  • Redemptions- the art of satisfaction
  • Productivity- time wastages and leakages
  • Sales and marketing- comparing your methods to the market trend

A detailed report will be submitted to the management on the areas they have to improve and the possible solutions to improve the same as well. We also make sure that the changes suggested are implemented and continued.

This is less equal to an external audit on your organization. The only difference is here it’s not the stock which is audited but the organization as a whole is audited.